Website Security Update

Just a quick update to discuss the issues suffered by Cyanweb.  With many of the 500 affected companies in Perth still experiencing disruptions to their email and websites, understandably we have had many clients ask “could this happen to us?”.  If you haven’t heard about the incident in question, please see the following link.
The answer in short is this, if you have your website hosted with Lakes and have an active Web Maintenance plan, then no. 
We have a special agreement with our hosting provider to provide weekly and monthly backups of all our websites.  But just in case a scenario such as the above was to happen against our hosting provider, we also have an independent backup that runs once a week to an offsite location. If our hosting provider was taken down, we could restore your website to another provider and have your site back up and running within acceptable time frames.
If you have your website hosted with Lakes and it is not on a maintenance plan, then you are not covered and your site is not being backed up regularly.  Also, your site is vulnerable to hackers taking advantage of any number of security flaws that exist in prior versions of your CMS (content management system, the life blood of any website).
Two of the primary purposes of our Maintenance plans are to make sure they are backed up using multiple, independent solutions and are kept up-to-date with the latest security patches.  Gone are the days of creating a website, getting it hosted and forgetting about it.  Of course, our plans also provide a list of other advantages like free content changes, HTTPS Certificates and monthly statistics reporting.

If your website is not hosted by Lakes, then we encourage you to have this conversation with your provider, in particular make sure they have independent offsite backups of your website and then check if your sites CMS is being updated regularly.  If you’re not happy with any of the answers they give you, then please call us and have a discussion about how we can secure you site. 

What's included in Lakes Maintenance Plans?

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