NBN Migrations - Buyer beware...

The NBN rollout has kicked into gear and we are seeing many clients migrate across to NBN connections each week. Although the NBN comes with significant speed increases (in most cases) there are a few key things to be aware of before making the switch. As analogue lines are being phased out, Telco’s are throwing around all sorts of deals/offers but these can have a major impact on a business if not properly planned. All too often we find Telco’s don’t take the time to understand a client’s environment and end up offering inadequate solutions. It is important to check with your IT professionals that any proposed NBN solution will meet your companies needs and most importantly that the transition will be seamless.

Recently we have come across some true-blue horror stories where clients have been left running over 4G with their land lines diverted to mobiles all because of a poorly managed NBN migration. Unfortunately, we find that often the client is left picking up the pieces whilst the telco wipes their hands and walk away.  This is becoming an all too common outcome as telco’s race to snatch and grab clients through NBN migrations.  In worst case scenarios, we have seen company’s phone numbers disconnected and locked out for up to 6 months, a lifetime for a company to be without their main number.

In order to avoid some of these issues we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Always engage with your IT professional, this could save you some serious headaches.
  • Have your current phone system checked for NBN compatibility, all too often we see companies throwing out perfectly good phone systems because their Telco only want to push their own systems.
  • Stage your NBN migration, start with NBN for you IT network.
  • Ensure your Telco puts in a second NBN connection to run your phones, this means existing infrastructure isn’t affected and issues can be easily located and isolated.
  • Make sure you have 4G routers on hand as a backup internet connection in case the worst happens.

Something to also take note of is that Analogue phone lines will be disconnected after a period of time once the NBN becomes available in your area.  To avoid disruption, start planning when you receive your first NBN letter in the mail.